My name is Michael and I began this blog in order to share and showcase some of the things that I truly enjoy about Ottawa’s architecture, places, and art.

I have wanted to do a blog on Ottawa architecture for several years, but could never find the time, I’m sure some of you can relate to this sentiment.  As the year's pass, I have noticed that some of Ottawa’s old charm is disappearing with time through neglect, re-development, or just a need for change.  I’m not saying this is necessarily a bad thing, as often change is good, but I have found that I am more interested in our city’s beginnings and thought this might be a good way to keep track of some of the things I like about Ottawa through pictures, writing and links to additional information.

The other biggest reason why I decided to do this blog is to inform.  I think there are lots of interesting places, artwork, and architecture that the average Ottawa resident may never come across unless they are looking for it or accidentally stumble across it.  The majority of us live busy lives, are responsible for the needs of others, or simply don’t have the time to truly explore our city.  My hope is that I can pass on some of the interesting and exciting things that I learn about Ottawa as I explore so that locals, travelers, and foreigners can benefit from the experience. 

Hope you enjoy,



In Case You were wondering…


Most of the pictures on this site have been taken by me unless otherwise stated (i.e.: Courtesy of…).  The cover photo that appears just below the blog title was purchased on Shutterstock, sadly the creator was not listed.  As curious as I am, professional photographer I am not.  Many of the photos posted to this blog were taken on either an iphone5 or an iphone11. 


Also, this site was formerly hosted elsewhere and published through WordPress, but after too many amusing nights spent on Youtube and self-help blogs, I decided to try Wix instead (September 2020).  Almost everything has been re-posted except the map feature I had on the WordPress site, coincidentally the source of much of my frustration.  It's always an experience learning something new and exciting :)


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