Il/elle n’a pas de nom

This mysterious aluminium irregular sculpture is situated just off of Confederation Boulevard, near the National Art Gallery.  It was created in 2015 by Marc-Antoine Côté and consists of what appear to be numerous welded strips of aluminium arranged in an irregular spherical-like shape.  Measuring approximately 151 x 132 x 149 inches, it is by no … [Read more…]

Clegg-Feller Building

This building is situated in a prominent location at the corner of Rideau and Dalhousie Streets.  If you’ve ever taken the bus along Rideau Street or visited the Byward market, it’s more than likely that you’ve seen this building several times.  You may have also wondered why it’s still there, until you see the heritage … [Read more…]

Dancing Bear

Walking in the heart of the Byward Market you might come upon this whimsical Dancing Bear sculpture.The Dancing Bear is hidden in the Jeanne D’arc Court and accessible through three walkways, two off York Street and one off Clarence Street.  It’s nestled at the centre of a quiet courtyard surrounded by several heritage buildings and newer … [Read more…]