• Michael

12 Points in a Classical Balance

Described as a “sine curve” or a line whose end joins the beginning to form a loop, this modernist sculpture was created in 1982. Made from Western Red Cedar and weighing 3,175 kilograms this sculpture formerly sat in the Garden of the Provinces and Territories, across from the Library and Archives Canada Building. It has since been relocated to Bronson Park across from the Cathedral Hill to make room for the future Memorial to the Victims of Communism.

The artist Chung Hung (Chung Hung, Allan) was born in 1946 in China and studied civil engineering at Chu Hai University in Hong Kong before moving to Vancouver, British Columbia in 1969 to study at the Vancouver School of Art. He was one of the founding members of the Chinese Canadian Visual Arts Society in Vancouver and created a number of significant sculptures before his death in July of 1994.

If you had visited the sculpture before it was moved, you will have notice that it sat in a pretty spectacular location with great views of other noted buildings offering some great photographic opportunities. It’s new location is equally impressive. Some of Chung Hung’s other works include Spring, Cloud and Gate to the Northwest Passage.

Location Address: Bronson Park, Ottawa, ON