• Michael

Clegg-Feller Building

This building is situated in a prominent location at the corner of Rideau and Dalhousie Streets. If you’ve ever taken the bus along Rideau Street or visited the Byward market, it’s more than likely that you’ve seen this building several times. You may have also wondered why it’s still there, until you see the heritage plaque affixed to the structure.

This building was built some-time in 1864 using building techniques that dated back to the late 1820’s. Although the first floor of the structure has little heritage value having been largely destroyed over the years, the second floor still retains its proportions, wood corner quoins and returned eaves. The building was built using wood milled to look like cut stone and if you observe it from far you might be deceived into thinking that it was crafted from stone. However, as the exterior paint has deteriorated and flaked over the years a closer inspection reveals the imitation stone boarding.

The buildings name Clegg-Feller originates from a combination of some of its early and long-time owners. Having reviewed several sources I found little reference to Clegg, perhaps he/she was the initial owner. Feller was likely Percy Feller who acquired the building in June 13, 1947 from Morris and Mildred Zagerman who had purchased it in 1944. He operated a Fashion Dress Shop from 155 Rideau Street as well as other business on Rideau Street under Feller Bros. Ltd. As for 159 Rideau Street, it seems that there has been a smoke shop at this location since at least 1945 and possibly before. The Windsor Smoke Shop held this corner location for several decades and a Zesty Market now calls this building home.

An Ottawa Citizen article from August 18, 1989 titled “’Gateway to market’ may be restored: [Final Edition]” written by Jack Aubry speaks about an Ottawa developer and several investors who had purchased the property prior to March 1989 with the intention of demolishing it to make way for a six-storey office building. Seems fortunate for us that by the time the article in the Ottawa Citizen was written he had changed his mind and instead sought to preserve what remained of the structure.

Location Address: 155-159 Rideau Street, Ottawa, ON, K1N 5X4

*Note: the white specks on some of the photos are snow.