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Hindu Temple of Ottawa Carleton

The Hindu Temple of Ottawa Carleton was largely built between 1985-89. It resides at 4835 Bank Street near Findley Creek. The site was formerly a corn field and was purchased in 1984 for the express purpose of being the future site of the temple.

The structure itself is based on a hybrid traditional temple design constructed to withstand the rigorous Canadian climate. The exterior of the building is largely built with white bricks with the exception of the grey brick lines and patterns. The three shikharas or spires at the top of the structure cannot be viewed internally from the worship area, but 3 large shrines do appear to be present below from these shikharas.

In total there are nine shrines in the temple built from granite, marble and bronze. Theses include: Sri Ganesha, Lord Subrahmanya, Sri Durga, Sri Krishna with Radha, Sri Hanuman, Lord Shiva, Nandi, Sri Lakshmi Narayan, Sri Ram Parivar and Nataraja.

Prior to his passing, Pandit Madhu Sahasrabudhe was one of Ottawa’s Leading faith leaders and a religious expert columnist for the Ottawa Citizen. In articles describing his affiliation with the temple he is often described as a food science researcher, priest and the driving force behind the development of the temple.

According to his obituary published in the Ottawa Citizen (Section E10 – July 31, 2004), he was born in India, earned a doctorate in biochemistry and nutrition and held various posts at Kraft Foods, The Health and Welfare Department, Salada Foods, The Federal Food Research Institute and the Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology. All the while, he played an active role in the Hindu community by starting an India-Canada Association, serving as a local priest (since 1960), conducting marriages, ceremonies of bereavement and ultimately spearheading the development of the Hindu Temple of Ottawa Carleton.

The $4 million structure was entirely funded by donations made by Canadian Hindus and the temple currently serves Hindus who live in Ottawa acting as a community and cultural centre for the community.

Location Address: 4835 Bank Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1X 1G6