• Michael

Il/elle n’a pas de nom

This mysterious aluminum irregular sculpture is situated just off of Confederation Boulevard, near the National Art Gallery. It was created in 2015 by Marc-Antoine Côté and consists of what appear to be numerous welded strips of aluminum arranged in an irregular spherical-like shape. Measuring approximately 151 x 132 x 149 inches, it is by no means a small sculpture.

A nearby sign from the Art in the Capital program provides the following description:

“Il/elle n’a pas de nom is a surprise. A huge sculpture occupying a small site, it has considerable aesthetic impact. Viewers faced with a work that’s undocumented and seemingly unfathomable cannot help but ask themselves “What is this doing here?”

An article by Don Butler from the Ottawa Citizen (May 18, 2015) described this piece as being “a bit like a meteor from space or perhaps a massive seashell.” I think it looks more like the angular shapes of a metallic mineral rock or the angular edges of shale stone or even the irregular shape of a cocoon. However you decide to describe it, it is clearly a unique creation and if you find yourself in the area, it’s a must see.

If you get a chance to look at some of the artists other works on his website or in the Montreal area you get the sense that the question, “what is this doing here?” comes up a lot. They are truly unique and add intrigue to the locations they reside.

Location Address: formerly near Confederation Boulevard, Ottawa, ON