• Michael

Lemieux Island Valve

Located on Lemieux Island just in front of the water purification plant is a gate valve from the Rensselaer Valve Company of Troy, NY, USA.

The one depicted here references a Patent from June 19, 1888 and contains a single stem design with open gearing. These gate valves are sometimes referred to as knife valves or slide valves since a flat closure element slides into the flow to completely stop the movement of fluid.

The first time I saw this valve I thought it might have some historical significance. I ended up visiting the Lemieux Island Water Purification Plant during Doors Open Ottawa in 2018 and according to employees of the plant present on that day, the valve depicted was one of several in use on the site in the past. Although it doesn’t appear to have any notable significance, its definitely an eye catching and intriguing piece of equipment to have on display in front of the plant.

Location Address: 1 Onigam St, Ottawa, ON, K1Y 2C4